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Intensive workshops lasting several weeks on realistic drawing, painting, modeling with clay and digital drawing

Workshop Bundles

In our workshop bundles, you can combine various individual workshops and thus receive particularly intensive training.


In the academic workshops Art Painter and Sculptor, you will not only be taught the essential academic concepts, such as how to start and build up your work, how to measure proportions correctly or material science - you can expand your skills in several areas at once.

In consecutive sections from portrait to nude, our experienced teachers will teach you how to realistically depict people either drawing with graphite & charcoal, painting in oil or modeling with clay. Mixing skin tones, texturing sculptures, learning to read references - our teachers will guide you throughout your process and support you individually with any questions you may have.


You can learn everything you see here.

It's not about talent, but about the passion you bring with you - we will teach you the techniques.

Academic workshop, quote

Nobody knows what they can do until they have tried it.

Publilius Syrus
Book a consultation

Not sure which workshop suits you?

Then we are here for you in a personal consultation on the phone, via video chat or directly at the Academy.


We'll look at your previous experience and requirements together and find a workshop that suits you and helps you progress in your art!

Starter set for drawing

Starter Set Drawing

Prepared by the Academy team:


Your starter kit for the workshop

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