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Drawing / Painting

Learn realistic drawing or painting in our workshops

Drawing / Painting Workshops

In our drawing and painting workshops you will learn the basics of realistic art: the most important measurement techniques to correctly transfer proportions, everything about materials as well as a comprehensive understanding of light and shadow to create shapes and volumes and thus more three-dimensionality. Our teachers will accompany you step by step. Everything you see here is something you can learn. It's not about talent - it's about the technique we teach you.


Figurative drawing/painting workshops

​In these workshops you will learn to draw or paint people directly from the model.
You decide between portrait and nude or even combine both focuses in our bundles.  Our experienced teachers will accompany you through the process and teach you the techniques and methods in an easy-to-understand and clear manner. These, together with the intensive practical training, form the foundation with which you can then continue practicing safely and in a structured manner from home.
Art quote

Nobody knows what they can do until they try it.

Publilius Syrus
Find a suitable workshop

Are you still not sure which workshop is right for you?

Then we are here for you in a personal consultation on the phone, via video chat or directly at the Academy.


We'll look at your previous experience and requirements together and find a workshop that suits you and helps you progress in your art!

Starter Set for Drawing

Starter Set Drawing

Prepared by the Academy team:


Your starter kit for the workshop

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